"David Weiss is a hell of a guitar player! I'm pretty particular when it comes to musicians, and the fact that I asked him to play guitar in my solo band to recreate some of my fairly complex parts so I could concentrate on singing, is saying a lot. Not only did he nail every nuance - and with the right feel, which is super important - but he also brought some of his own style to the songs where the door was open to do so. (He's especially good at that country chicken pickin' thing!) He also knows a ton of songs, and knowing songs is what makes a player sensitive to playing in bands that do vocal music...speaking of which, he sings great background vocals too! David would be a real asset to any live band or recording project. I recently produced some tracks for DW and they were really great tunes! The man knows how to craft not only the music side of a song, but also the melody & lyrics. It was a real pleasure to work on “That’s When It Rains” and “Chubbie” —they’re classics!”

—Steve Conte 

New York Dolls, Willy DeVille, Paul Simon, Billy Squier, Michael Monroe, Willie Nile, Peter Wolf, et al

“If Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix had a guitar-slinging baby boy he’d be David Weiss. Maybe the last of the classic lead guitar players before they became simplified and dumbed down. Most reminiscent of the classic 60’s lead guitarists like Page, Hendrix and Beck, merging blues into hard hitting rock n roll!”

—Rami Jaffee — Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers

 “Though I have known David for decades, his playing is always fresh and constantly evolving. From slinky slide lines to crisp chicken-pickin or screaming rock leads, it seems like every time we work together he finds a new approach that I wouldn’t have expected. He’s somebody to definitely keep your eyes and ears on!”

—Peter Keys,  Lynyrd Skynyrd, Parliament Funkadelic

 “I LOVE the way you play man. Your instincts are golden, your talent is huge and your love of music and song are straight up mystical! Huzzah! Not to mention you're a mensch. What a recipe. Your playing raised those tracks to another level, my brother.”

—Emily Duff, songwriter and recording artist

"David is a brilliant guitarist and one of my all-time favorite musical collaborators. He brings a lot of creative energy and spontaneity in his playing but always takes the time to get things right—a very generous musician."   

—Barbara Endes, songwriter, Girls on Grass

 “David Weiss is much more than a killer guitarist whose 6-string badassery has long inspired me. In addition to his tasteful deployment of timeless Telecaster tones and blazing blues-infused riffs, David is also a nimble composer whose wide range runs the gamut from the R&B soul of The Meters to Taylor Swift-inspired Pop. Among the reasons I always look forward to working with him, are his joie de vivre, his sophisticated sense of humor, and his thoughtfulness. If you get the opportunity to make music with David, do it!”

—Michael James, Producer/Mixer (New Radicals, Hole, L7, Robben Ford, Edwin McCain)